If you’ve been following us for any amount of time, you know that there’s no wrong way to use your Expedition Subsahara basket! They’re beautiful, functional pieces of art, whether they’re used to conceal items, protect your treasures, or are displayed just as they are, with nothing inside. Today, we have a funky, cool way to use the small lidded baskets that also has cultural significance.

Growing up in Senegal, baskets were used for storing just about everything. But the lidded basket, in particular, was called “The Warming Basket.” The grass used to weave the baskets allows air in, where it warms and settles in inside the dark container. It’s not affected by direct sunlight, dust or temperature swings in the cool season. It’s the perfect place to store goods that need a warm place and air circulation, such as onions and garlic, which is exactly how we used them back home!

Whether you need some organization in your life, a pop of color, or dry good storage, your lidded basket will add the perfect statement to your space. Click here to shop. 

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