Give Two Gifts In One

It’s giving Tuesday and as you know, I started Expedition Subsahara as a way to raise funds (through the selling of our goods) and build a girls STEAM school in Senegal, West Africa. Why build a school?⁣

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Only 39% of women aged 15 years and over are literate, compared to 62% of men. Many families still only send boys to school, keeping girls at home to help with housework or look after siblings. In addition early marriage, the long distance to school, unsafe roads and poor infrastructure of school buildings, as well as the low quality of education get in the way of girls’ enrollment or completion of education. Senegal’s Human Development Indicator of 0.494 is below the average of 0.497 for countries in the low human development group and below the average of 0.523 for countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Over half of the Senegalese population lives below the poverty line. Many children face difficulties attending school because they cannot afford uniforms and supplies and schools lack the funding to pay for basic necessities, such as textbooks, electricity, and running water.⁣ We plan to change that.

It is our plan to equip our girls with computer programing, business management, and design skills that they can use in the modern workplace. The truth is, raising the funds has been much harder then originally anticipated but slowly and surely, we are getting there. This #givingtuesday, we hope you take a moment and send someone you love an Expedition Subsahara e-gift card… giving two gifts at once. They can use the card to purchase a handmade product from our goods and at the same time, empower Senegalese girls through education. Essentially, giving two gifts in one. #tribeup

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