How To Connect Cultures This Holiday Season.

No matter your race or religion- if you’re in the states, the holidays are at your doorstep. I’ve been in America more than half my life now (what?!), and I’ve found that one of the most difficult aspects of being foreign is the holiday season. I love to see people cheerful. Families tend to set aside personal conflicts and get along to enjoy the spirit of the season. There are many gatherings and lots of unity. The holidays really do seem to bring out the best in people.

The collective joy is beautiful, but for those who are not from the culture or near family, holidays can be especially lonely. Often, foreigners are stuck at home, while stores, restaurants, and what seems to be the entire country shutters its doors to give employees time to be with loved ones. America shuts down and homes come alive with the magic of the season. 

Food is a great way to connect cultures, and because it’s at the center of many gatherings, what better way to show others that you care than by inviting them to join in your celebration? Leftovers are suddenly a vehicle to connect with others at the most basic level. If you know someone who doesn’t have family nearby, whether they’re foreign or not, it’s an amazing gesture to invite them into your home. While they may decline the invitation, just reaching out really does warm what can be a cold time for foreigners.

We hope you enjoy every part of the upcoming holiday season!

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