Zalipah Storage Basket

These baskets take up to 40 hours to make and are made by a small, dedicated group of Expedition Subsahara artists. Please allow a minimum of four weeks to create and ship. We promise they'll be worth the wait! 

This beautiful African hamper is perfect as a laundry hamper or used as a storage container or just standing as a design piece. We handmade this basket in the traditional coil-style weaving technique passed down for generations in our country of origin, Senegal. 


Large: 20 inches tall with lid (15" without the lid) with an 11" opening

The size large is great for storing shoes, art supplies, and toys. 

XL: 25 inches tall with lid (18" without the lid) with a 15" opening. 

The size XL is a great size to be used as a laundry hamper. 

XXL: 30 inches tall with lid (24" without the lid) with a 17" opening. 

The size XXL is perfect for blankets, pillows, and throws


Care Instructions

Because they're constructed with natural materials, Expedition Subsahara baskets don't tend to get dirty. Let's say you spill coffee on a coaster or drop something on your basket; just use as little water as possible to wipe it off (if needed) and let it sit until it dries. Do not soak your basket or let it sit in direct sunlight for prolonged periods. 

  • They each will have slight variations in design, color, and size as this is a one-of-a-kind handmade product.
  • Woven with elephant grass (belongs to the sweet grasses) and recycled plastic. 
  • No custom orders. 

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