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Extra Large Rose & Blue Handwoven Tabletop Basket


Why you will love it

These tabletop baskets are mighty. And while in their home country of Senegal, they’re traditionally used to hold and separate a type of dry grain (similar to rice) from its shell — these beauties can be used for anything your heart desires. We suggest fruit, wallet/keys, potpourri, pinecones, dried flowers or your favorite knick knacks. No matter what makes its home in these baskets, they’ll add a hint of Senegalese charm to your life.

Wall Art: These gorgeous basket can be paired in a collection and used as wall art. The perfect way to bring a touch of global texture to any wall.

Materials and Make

Handwoven Typha and recycled plastic African basket from Senegal.

Dimensions: 17"D x 3"T

*May have slight variations in design, color, and size as this is a one-of-a-kind handmade product.