Grey Handwoven Placemat
Grey Handwoven Placemat
Grey Handwoven Placemat

Grey Handwoven Placemat

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Placemats, chargers or stunning wall art? It’s your choice with these brilliant mats. They’re sustainable, stunning and add an understated elegance to your home decor. There’s no need to stop at using them as placemats either, as they make perfect chargers, for an always-decorated table, or they can be used as wall art, suitable for any room. We call them placemats, so perhaps you’re thinking of placing them on a table under plates and glasses, which is a great (and traditional) choice, but one of many!

Keeping in the table theme, these mats also can be used as chargers. Set on top of a placemat or used in place of them, chargers provide a decorative base for dinnerware during parties and events. They add style and function, creating ambiance and catching crumbs.

The round mats, created from Elephant grass by African artisans, also can dress up your table when lined up as a lively table runner.

These placemats add a pop of color to any party. Use them as cookie/cupcake stands, to hold cups of silverware, or under a clear serving tray — where the possibilities are endless with fruit, veggies, meat/cheese, crackers, you name it.

Combine a set of four mats together and they make perfect concentric wall art. We’re thinking geometric pop art (Andy Warhol inspired), but would look nice in a horizontal line or randomly placed, like flowers in a garden.

There’s no wrong way to use your Senegalese placemat. The best part is, of course, that with every purchase you’re helping build a technical school for girls in Senegal.

  • 14"Dia.
  • Handcrafted so may have a slight variation in size and color