The Fula Beaded Earrings

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Accessorize with a drop of splendor in these teardrop-shaped beaded earrings. Five rings of beads form the bold design of the Fula Beaded Earrings. Don’t cry! Despite the tear shape, you can’t help but feel cheerful when you put these beauties on! And that’s a promise! 

Africa is a continent known for its beautiful, elaborate bead work, particularly in jewelry, but the intricate practice also is put to use in creating home decor and tools. Beading has been in existence for hundreds of years using beads of clay, sticks, shells, and eventually plastic or glass. Like many African traditions, beadwork is passed down from mothers to their daughters. Both women and men wear beaded jewelry at weddings, rituals, and community events to denote age and social status, with those in a higher social status doning more colorful jewelry.

Now, you can own your authentic beaded jewelry handcrafted by African women in Senegal with your very own beautiful beaded earrings.