White Handwoven African Lidded Basket

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Why you will love it.

Because sometimes you just need a lid. Face it, not everything that needs to be stored is adorable to look at — but it will be with these one-of-a-kind baskets. A lid adds neatness to clutter, and puts the clean freak in you to rest. Or, if it’s not neatness you’re worried about, but security, we’ve got you covered. The baskets are perfect for jewelry and other keepsakes you want to keep safe.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use the mini lidded basket:

1- Office essentials. This lidded basket is perfect for pens, paper clips and binder clips, staples, scissors, coins and even candy — basically anything you want or need nearby but don’t love to look at all day long.

2- Satisfy that green thumb. A small, hardy succulent or cactus can thrive in a lidded basket. Since you won’t want the lid on top, you can prop it on the basket as an accent or put it somewhere else entirely to stand on its own. The basket is made from grass and recycled plastic, so a little dirt or water won’t ruin these masterpieces.

3- Art. If you don’t have anything to put IN the lidded basket, don’t worry... It looks fantastic filled with just air! Place this beauty on your mantle, bookshelf or anywhere that can use a splash of vibrancy. This basket is your answer to livening up any space.

Size: 12"H, 8" D - Made with elephant grass and recycled plastic. 

** Our baskets are handmade so size and color will vary slightly.