ES x Lulu & Georgia

One of our favorite African proverbs is, “Until the lion can speak, the story will always glorify the hunter.”  Over the past four years, I’ve told this proverb over and over. It’s a true reminder that what we’re doing with Expedition Subsahara is not just selling beautiful baskets, but also telling the story of our culture through the lens of our radical respect and beautifying an experience that all too often has been told through the lens of poverty and deficit.⁣

Since we launched, we’ve had a lot of outreach from other companies asking if they can carry our brand and products. We have said no because we believe that in order to tell our story properly -  the story of Senegal, the wolof tribe, resilience, joy - in order to tell our African story, we have to be the ones to tell it.⁣

Then one day, I received an email from a woman from @luluandgeorgia asking if she could have a phone call with me. Like so many times before, I told her I’m not really interested in having our products in other companies because I am incredibly protective of our story and the way it’s told. She asked, “What if we helped tell your story through the lens you’ve created?"⁣

Her question reminded me of another African proverb I love, “If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together.” It is with great joy and honor that we announce our first brand partnership is with Lulu and Georgia. This team has taken the time to know our brand and culture inside and out and have made this process incredibly fulfilling. We are so proud to have them carry a limited drop of happy products, and to have them help amplify our authentically Senegalese voice through radical respect.⁣

Jump on over to and get yourself a happy basket! ⁣🧡