Expedition Subsahara

Hi, I’m Sofi Seck, a former photographer based in St. Louis, MO but originally from Senegal, West Africa. A long time ago, my parents divorced. My mom had nothing — no money, no education, and nothing to her name. But in me, she had hope. She believed that through education, I could break the cycle of depending on men to be our saviors. Although she didn’t have an education, she could make things. She weaved, sewed and created things to sell, hoping against hope that she could save enough money to buy me a plane ticket to America.⁣⁣

I eventually came to the states and graduated from college. I started a business and for 8 years, I was a successful photographer and happy. Except, the little voice in my head. One that always asked, “why did I have to leave everything that I knew and loved for better opportunities”? Why weren’t the opportunities there, in Senegal? Truth is, Senegal is a developing country and educating girls in the village is not a top priority. Many girls in my country don’t have the same options like I was fortunate to have in America. It’s extremely common for children to get jobs at 12 years old, usually as housekeepers.
My moving to the states, getting an education, opening my own business and having been so privileged for so many years have led me to this very pivotal point in my life. The average low income household in Senegal earns $80 to $100 a month while the average university costs $100 a month to attend. In Senegal, quality education is for the elite. I plan to change that, so I closed my photography business and I have poured my entire being and resources towards addressing these issues through founding the social enterprise that is Expedition Subsahara.⁣⁣
I realize this plan is big and that it won’t happen overnight, but I’m in it for the long haul. We are Expedition Subsahara and we translate handmade goods into girls education. 
Our products are authentically made by African artisans (myself included), and no matter where you display or wear them, you’re creating a better, more connected world. Thank you for being a part of our tribe!