When will my items be shipped?

Out of stock & Backordered: Because products are hand made, they take some time to create. Please check the item description, which will say when it’s expected to ship. 

In Stock: If an item is in stock, it typically ships within 5 days and arrives within 5 days of shipping. 

I paid for rush shipping, but my product still isn’t here. 

Please make sure your item is not preordered, backordered, or made to order before paying for rush shipping! If it preordered, your item will be shipped once it has been made. 

If your item is in stock, it could take up to five days for processing and packaging before it’s shipped with your selected shipping method.   

Where can I find tracking info? 

You will receive a text or email with tracking information once your item ships.

 Where can I find your return policy? 

Find the return policy and shipping information here

I love your products and I have a storefront! Do you sell wholesale?

Thank you for your interest. Please fill out our wholesale application (here) and one of our team members will get back to you. 

Do you have a physical location? 

We do not. We have a warehouse, but it’s not a place where people can shop. If you’re located in St. Louis, you can request to pick up your purchased item and we will be in touch to arrange a time. 

How can I get on your mailing list? 

It’s simple! Scroll to the footer of and enter your email address where it says “Join our mailing list.” 

Is this a black owned business? Can you send me a picture or prove it? 

Yes. Our founder is black and all artists are black and female. To learn more about our founder, please visit us here

Is Expedition Subsahara a fair trade business? 

Expedition Subsahara is not a member of any of the national fair trade organization. That said, we have always prided ourselves on being an ethical business. What that means for us is employing weavers who are paid a livable wage to create their craft, supplying materials- from water to grass and binding materials, and covering travel and any other necessary expense for our weavers to work in a safe and clean environment. We do not use child labor for our products and we strive to reinvest into the communities where our weavers live. 

How much do you pay your weavers? 

We pay our weavers hourly, with wages based on regional costs of living — just like many American businesses and industries. Weavers get paid each month based on the number of hours they work, not on production or any other metric. 

How do you find your artists? 

All of our weavers are from a region of Senegal, West Africa, where weaving is the predominant way of life. While nearly everyone can weave, each has their own specialties and not everyone can make every single piece in our collection. To ensure we have the right weavers, we have an application process similar to the American job application process.

Are you a nonprofit?

No. We are a socially-driven enterprise in which twenty percent of each sale goes into an education fund. It’s earmarked to build a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) school in Senegal. Learn more about our mission. We are currently working on adding a nonprofit arm, with the goal of completing the process by the end of 2021. 

How much goes into the educational fund? 

Twenty percent of our gross revenue (not just of our profits) goes directly into the school fund. Learn more

How can I clean my basket? 

Because they’re constructed with natural materials, Expedition Subsahara baskets don’t tend to get dirty. Let’s say you spill coffee on a coaster or drop something on your basket, just use as little water as possible to wipe it off (if needed) and let it sit until it dries. DON’T soak your basket or let it sit in direct sunlight for prolonged periods. This will damage and/or ruin your basket. 

Do I need a liner in my basket? 

If you want a liner, go for it, but Expedition Subsahara baskets don’t need them. Baskets are constructed with grass and recycled plastic. They’re breathable and have a natural odor that can mask some scents (like clothes if you use your basket as a hamper). We do not sell liners, but dimensions of each basket are listed on the product description pages for your convenience. 

Just how much will fit in my basket? 

It depends on your basket! See the product page for approximate dimensions and start dreaming of all the things you can store in your beautiful, happy basket.

Thank you!

We sincerely appreciate your support and hope you enjoy all of your beautiful Senegalese finds. Stay Colorful.