Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, we celebrate the many contributions women make to all aspects of society around the world.

What it means to be a woman is always on my mind, mostly because of the inequalities women face worldwide. Often, women are expected to keep an entire household running. They’re the ones who do a bulk of the cooking, cleaning, taking care of children, maintaining calendars, and making everyone happy, many while still working another 9 to 5 job.

It’s tough (and often thankless) work!

When I think back on the great loves of my life, they have all been women. From my grandmother, mom, and aunties who raised me and made sure I had everything I needed; to my best friends, who continue to help me be the best version of myself; and the women behind Expedition Subsahara. All of our artisans are women who weave using techniques passed down from women in their families.

The most beautiful thing about women is that being generous comes naturally, yet we are the strongest, most resilient, and are just plain badasses! If that’s not worth celebrating, then I don’t know what it is!

May you always be as great as you are today (because you, love, are powerful beyond measure), and may we all continue to love, respect, and uplift our sisters not just today but always.