Land of the Greats

At Expedition Subsahara, we spend a lot of time talking about the people of various countries who call the continent home. But Africa doesn’t only have beautiful diverse cultures of people; the animals there are just as magnificent. In fact, there are over one million species of animals in Africa, according to the Animal Facts Encyclopedia. 

Did you know…

The African elephant is the largest living land mammal in the world? It can weigh up to 7 tons. That’s the estimated weight of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

The fastest land animal also makes its home in Africa. The cheetah can reach 69.5 mph in just three seconds – faster than a sports car accelerates, and can sprint to 80 miles per hour – which is speedier than our granny’s driving!

The world’s largest mammal, the giraffe, is also native to Africa. Its legs alone are taller than most humans. At an average of 18 feet tall, male giraffes are about as tall as a two story house in the United States. 

Millennia ago, lemurs were found in other parts of Africa, but they faced stiff competition from other primates. When Madagascar separated from the mainland, lemurs tagged along and Madagascar is now the only place in the world where lemurs live naturally.

Ostriches are the world’s largest birds at 6.5 to 9 feet (female and male). They’re flightless, but they can run 60 miles per hour! 

We know what you are thinking... How can one continent be so blessed with amazing people, unique cultures, and amazing wildlife? We have no idea but are genuinely thankful for our beautiful motherland. 

Photo by Kay Vandette