Thanksgiving: Past and Present

Living in the states, Thanksgiving is always a hard holiday for me. It's hard to celebrate a holiday that originated from colonization that harmed and continues to harm people. There’s no doubt that the American Indians' lives and society have been irrevocably altered by the arrival of the English settlers. There’s a myth of friendliness that ignores slavery, bloodshed, and war that led this country to where it is today. 

If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that each year, we take a moment to recognize the atrocities that have been done to Native American tribes in the United States at the hands of colonizers. Today, tomorrow, and every day, we stand in solidarity with the Native American communities who have suffered through oppression, discrimination and marginalization in their motherland. 

This year, 100% of the profits from our Thanksgiving day sale will be donated to an organization that serves Native Americans. The Association on American Indian Affairs has been working for 100 years to protect sovereignty, preserve culture, educate youth and build capacity. As uncomfortable as it can be, change starts with acknowledging the truth behind the day and doing our part not to perpetuate half-truths and myths. 

Over the years, we know Thanksgiving has morphed into a day of feasting, celebrating and reflecting on our blessings. In the spirit of what Thanksgiving is now, we want to thank each and every one of you – for allowing us to create beautiful things for your home, for allowing us to be unapologetic for what we stand for, and for being on this journey with us. From the bottom of our heart, we love and thank you for your support. 

As the head of this company, I am incredibly thankful for our weavers, the staff who handle everything you don’t see, and all those who have anything to do with this company we’ve built. It takes a village, and I know I have one of the best villages in the world helping me on this path. I hope that your thanksgiving is beautiful and you spend the day  in a way that’s meaningful to you. 

We love you

Sofi & The Team