Three ways to add a woven touch to your bedroom

Forget the brown and grey wicker baskets of the past. We think that baskets should be a bold, colorful solution to your life’s clutter. Baskets shouldn't only be containers for storage — with a little creativity and lots of fun, your baskets can be a phenomenal display of your individual personality.

We’ve rounded up three ways to add a woven touch to your bedroom:

  1. Brighten up your walls with a unique and fun installation. Whether it’s above your bed, on a big, otherwise empty wall, or mixed in with photos and other art, a basket (or several!) adds a striking touch to an otherwise basic space. 

  1. Put a lidded basket on your side table for remotes and all of life’s little gadgets. Phone cords, headphones, jewelry, you name it: a lidded basket is the perfect home for your all of your favorite things.

  2. Add color and texture with a tabletop basket full of decorative accents: potpourri, shells, wooden, ceramic or natural fiber balls, or even your reading glasses and favorite book.

Let your imagination go wild and design the room of your dreams!