3 Ways To Add Global Style To Your Home

Sometimes, just a little of something can add a lot of personality, style and energy to a space. That’s the case with Expedition Subsahara baskets. A piece here and there can make a huge statement — adding a punch of color and vibrance to any shelf, table or desk it adorns. We’ve rounded up three ways to add a global flair to your home.

1. It’s no secret that artists can be a bit on the messy side. After all, there’s never enough space to store everything artsy. The lidded basket is a perfect functional piece for your art haven, no matter what you choose to stash inside.
2. Hide your garlic in this tiny basket. It’s just the right size to pack the bold, flavorful ingredient, with just enough warmth and air circulation to keep the cloves ready to pop into your culinary delights.
3. We’ve got the ultimate storage basket for anything and everything. Fill this basket with throw pillows, blankets, laundry or anything your heart desires, and then, put a lid on it! With this gorgeous work of decorative art, no one will ever know what you’re hiding. This basket comes in small, medium or large.

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