Be A Maximalist!

Let's face it, minimalism is on trend. People today are doing their best to live small, not accumulate and blend in, whether it’s through tiny homes, their lifestyle or accessories. On some level, I (Sofi) love the minimalism movement. I think humans should be good stewards of our resources, try to reduce, reuse and recycle -- and when we can-- we should try to buy higher quality products that will last longer. Sustainability as a consumer is important in the world we live in.

That said, when it comes to fashion, I am most definitely a maximalist.

As a native Senegalese woman here in America, I’ve always felt “too much”. Its likely that I’m the tallest girl, the darkest girl, the biggest girl- even though I’m athletically built. And for a very long time, I did my best to hide as much as possible. I wore clothes that didn’t stand out and mostly all black. I put on a face full of makeup and styled my hair in a more socially accepted way. 

A couple years back, without actually putting a term to it, I started to embrace myself fully. In Senegal, everything is bold by American standards. We speak to each other with enthusiasm; our skin is dark; our bodies are athletic, and our hair is fro-like. Our clothes are colorful with lots of patterns. Our jewelry is loud. We make a statement without trying and we aren't afraid to take up space. 

Expedition Subsahara goods embody that Senegalese spirit. They’re for fashion maximalists, those who are loud in spirit and who aren't afraid to stand out. Our products are for women who aren’t afraid to add color and texture to life. They’re for women who are fearless.

Here’s to being a maximalist: to taking up space, speaking your truth and wearing anything your heart desires! Here’s to living fearlessly!