A Life Full Of "Teranga"

There are some words in Wolof, my native language, that don’t easily translate to English. “Teranga” is one of those words. Translated, teranga means “hospitality,” but in Senegal, it’s so much more. It’s a state of being. It’s going above and beyond to provide a sense of love and connection, as well as a culture — a movement within itself.

In Senegal, the word “teranga” is used multiple times per day as a reminder to always do good. Whether it’s your friend, family, neighbor, or a complete stranger, you give them teranga. That in your presence, they should feel at home and at peace. Like the Golden Rule here in the states, you do for others what you hope they would do unto you. That is why teranga isn’t just about hospitality. It’s a believe that a community is only as strong as its weakest member. And that for a community to thrive, it must work collectively to elevate each member.

With Expedition Subsahara, One of my missions is to create home goods and accessories that are filled with teranga. That is why our goods are colorful, happy and full of Senegalese spirit. And they don’t just add global style to your life, they also do good by helping build a girls’ STEAM school in Senegal. Teranga, through and through.