Ethical, Sustainable, & 10% off

This is Sofi, the founder of Expedition Subsahara. Did you know that until 2020, Expedition Subsahara had never had a sale? When the pandemic hit, our sales halted and we were faced with a choice: Either have a sale so we can pay our artists and bills for the next month, or shut down. We held our first sale ever and it kept us from losing everything.

We tend to be against sales because we try to make our products and prices fair all the time. From everything we bring in, the education fund gets the first 20 percent of all proceeds (not just profits). We have artists earning salaries, and we purchase authentic and ethically sourced materials for our goods. With that, our numbers are still thistight. Our margins are low because we want to make sure that as many people who want to support our business and have our products can. We’re not a brand for only the elite.

That said, this year has been tough on everyone. Everyone we know has been affected somehow, whether it’s losing their job, getting sick, or just being stressed and anxious about the future. Over the past several months, we have received numerous emails asking if we plan to have a sale for Black Friday, and the answer is always the same: no, for the reasons stated above. And while people are always understanding, in several instances, we have been asked to reconsider. 

People want to buy ethically this year. They want to support black-owned businesses and shop local. They pointed out that even a small break in price would be a big help to people who want products that not only look good, but do good. Not only have I come to realize that they’re right, but when we really needed help, it was our first sale that pulled us through the mud. 

We have crunched the numbers the best we can, and we’re offering 10% off Nov. 23 through Nov. 30 at midnight (plus a handmade gift with purchase). This will be our only sale for the foreseeable future. While this wasn’t an easy decision, we hope this sale will help people give  more conscious, ethical and sustainable gifts this holiday season. Shop here

Cheers to the holidays, friends, family and a tighter circle of people we love! 

We love you,
Sofi & The Team