For The Greater Good

There’s no denying that we are living in unprecedented times. I’ve heard that description a lot lately, and it couldn’t be more true. The Coronavirus pandemic has struck people and communities in unexpected ways. It has ravaged towns small and large, not sparing any country or continent where people live to spread it. 

Recently. I’ve been in contact with my family, friends, and the artisans who are employed by Expedition Subsahara and have had some very hard conversations. Senegalese people, like many other communities around the world, rely heavily on tourism or the daily "hustle." There is little industry in Senegal, so many of my people sell at local markets to make enough money to feed their families each day. It is day to day. There usually isn’t anything left over, and there is no government assistance. Tourism has been halted to help fight the pandemic, and while needed, it has devastated an already struggling economy. There aren’t food banks and government stimulus funds to help people in many communities around the world.

Our mission at Expedition Subsahara is to one day build a girls STEAM school in Senegal, but right now, there is a greater need to help people get basic necessities. 

That’s why, starting today, I will be freezing the education fund through the pandemic. Moving forward, 20 percent of proceeds, the portion of sales that would have gone into the fund, will now be donated weekly to a different charity in Subsaharan Africa helping with Coronavirus relief. In Senegal, there has been a call by the government for those who have more than they need to step up and help those who don’t so we can all survive. With that, I feel strongly that it is in the best interest of humanity to help others with immediate needs. We will continue to keep Expedition Subsahara afloat and we will use the funds to benefit others during this trying time. We hope you, our customers, feel good knowing that though the school fund is being paused momentarily, your purchase is helping those in dire need right now. We will get through this together.  Stay well, tribe!