Gift with confidence with colorful goods that were created to make gifting easy. Get handmade, long-lasting, and beautiful gifts that will withstand the test of time.

Gifts that Give Back

With a mission to build a girls STEAM school in Senegal, each purchase helps move us toward that goal.

Best Gift Ever!!

"I purchased this lovely basket for my daughters as a holiday gift. They both loved them! When I visit their homes, their baskets are displayed prominently. A thoughtful and beautiful gift, for sure!"

Afua Basket

They Wanted More

“I purchased these as a wedding shower gift for a girlfriend who had rattan mats on her registry… not only did the couple love the mats, but they added even more to their registry so they could use them in multiple areas of the home! Thanks for making me a wonderful gift giver!”

Ndeye Placemats

Gift Colorfully